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I have been breeding dogs since 2003. For me, breeding is an eternal learning process. I take part in kinological education to improve the breed, because for me quality comes before quantity.

Hello, I am Titi

And I love all Pomeranians with all my heart

I am Tímea Fábián, owner of Bright Eyed Hero kennel.
I live in Szeged with my family and my wonderful dogs.

We have always been an animal loving and dog loving family, so when I got my own family and I thought I was ready to have my own dog.
I found the Yorkie of my dreams in 2003 at Living Diamond kennel Aloha of Happy Blue son of Living Diamond Topi as: Rudi.

..and when he was beautifully furred without any show or breeding experience we went to our first show of our lives where we got all the results. From then on there was no stopping us, we were drawn into this special world with its dynamics and adrenalin… then the girls came and we just went to the shows with a few more successes…


My first Pomi...

In 2008, I saw a Russian breeder at a show in Pest with lots of furry cute little dogs… I fell in love with the breed immediately. For the first time in my life I saw the POMERANIAN SPITZ. Long search, phone calls and emails followed, and I can’t deny that I met some scammers who offered me a small POMCH SPITZ.

After about 1,5 years of searching and rejection, finally a Russian breeder contacted me and gave me the opportunity to buy my first Pomimat Pors, daughter of Ben-Ben Coco. We had a lot of success with Porsche and she became the first ICH dog in my kennel.

My dog and I try to do well in shows, our dogs have Inter Champion titles . The pomi babies from us also have wonderful owners, many of them can be seen in shows.

I have breeders who know a lot about breeding and by taking their advice I hope to produce beautiful puppies that will be successful in shows and wonderful puppies.

Babies who have left us

Our exhibitions and lives

Showing is a big part of our lives, and we raise our dogs in this spirit. From a very young age, we teach them playfully how to stand, groom and walk properly on a lead, so they learn not to be intimidated by competition, and we get feedback on the success of our breeding programme through our show results.

But the other side of our lives is completely ordinary: we work, and when we get home we play, study, walk, make love, go on hikes or even cycle around Lake Balaton. I think that life is happiest here.

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